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The Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail

The Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail was opened in 2006 as a part of the Route 840 connection between the towns of New Hartford and Whitestown.

This trail connects both Whitestown and New Hartford with an Educational Facility, shopping centers, and a wetland area.

The trail features fishing docks and informational kiosks... but most importantly, it features 4-miles of paved surface that makes this multi-use trail open and inviting to all who use it. 

Every day, you will find walkers, runners, families, bikers, and those looking for a nice place to walk their dog.  The beautiful views include deep forests, ponds and wetlands, all with many types of local wildlife.

A survey conducted after the Rayhill Trail was opened showed that more than 50% of those that use the trail, can be found on the trail 4 or more times per week!

The trail was made possible through the cooperation of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the towns of New Hartford and Whitestown, Oneida County Department of Public Works, the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee.